Team Building

"Watch a person play for an hour and you can learn more about them than in talking to them for a year" - Plato

In the past, team-building has typically been either sessions discovering personality traits, or spent in activities such as bowling, paint-ball, or ropes courses etc., and though while fun, did not really do much to help your team. Escape rooms have changed that concept. Your team is playing a game, but it's a game designed to reveal how people think, communicate, work together toward a common goal, and even reveal personality traits.

Members of the team are on a level playing field since none know what to expect, and they are having fun because it is a game. Teams are pitted against the game developer's intellect and challenged mentally instead of physically. This means that older and less mobile people can still participate with younger team members, have fun, and feel like they are all part of the team.

As the game progresses, natural leaders tend to stand out, as do strategic thinkers, risk takers, cheerleaders and organizers. Teams have to use critical thinking, communicate with each other, and use each team members natural abilities on the right puzzles. And they have the added stress of watching a clock counting down for 1 hour.

We have been able to help banks, information technology, engineering, colleges, high schools, medical offices, and small businesses improve their communication and team work, and give them insights on how to best utilize the people on their teams. Let us help your team become more effective by giving them feedback on what we observe when watching them play the game. We can host up to 36 people at a time in our four rooms, and more people if they're split into multiple adventures. Teams as small as 4-6 can also benefit from this experience.

If you are interested in a custom adventure for your group, please email us at or call to speak to Marketing at 719-822-3676 to discuss what you would like to do. We offer a free analysis of your team if requested when scheduling. If you are interested in something more in depth, we partner with Kittredge Connections to provide more customized team building.

"When faced with a challenge it is amazing how well people can work together if they just believe in one another's strengths. Thank you so much. It was definitely a great experience. We'll be back!" – Leticia